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why choose us
  • 13 years of silicone ice pattern design and manufacturing experience

    - We have a professional design team

    - OEM / silicone products we have four hours to complete the offer

    - ODM silicone product design drawings completed within 8 hours

  • 80% exported to Europe and Japan market

    - Optional S136 steel mold, mold life assurance

    - Mold surface after the fire pattern, etch or mirror treatment, to meet customer Requirements for different levels of product appearance

    - Mold layout design is reasonable, both to ensure product quality, and ensure

  • By the third party inspection

    - Standardized clean room, silicone raw materials to ensure quality control

    - Advanced rubber mixing machine to ensure that even delicate products, raw materials

    - You can assign different colors according to customer needs

  • 100% products after secondary vulcanization process

    - Automatic hollow hydraulic machine: 26 sets, mixing machine: 4 sets, plastic cutting machine: 2, Laser engraving machine: 1 set, IR machines: 2, ultrasonic cleaning machine: 1 set

    - Plant Production capacity: 3.7 million / month


  • death star ice ball was very popular in recent years form renjia
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  • silicone SGS testing
  • silicone cake mold Certificates FDA testing
  • silicone Certificates FDA or LFGB testing

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