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Wonderful life with Muffin cake mold

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Wonderful life with Muffin silicone cake mold 
Using Muffin cake mold to baking a variety of different life? This is to start from the two major students of Chongqing Technology and Business University,Shasha Zhang and Shuangjiao Lee. They are not only bestie, but fans of the TV show "2 Broke Girls". To see the two female characters in the business of the cup cake, they found the business opportunities: "we have been very fond of eating cakes, in Chongqing, the sales of the cupcake mold is not much, and we have a lot of spare time, why not do the cup cake for selling?"
At first, the cake is not fluffed, and very dry; or it is too fluffed, and too big. They tried and tried for more than one week. firstly, they ate the defective cake by themselves, Later they gave many cakes to their classmates to eat. They spend thousands of dollars for testing and making cakes.
After repeatedly practicethe, they found the skills and have some praise for their cakes. Then their classmates became their long-term customers: "their cake is the most special, and cream is very sweet but not greasy." But some people think the taste of their cake is single.
How could they change the present situation? Why not to use the Muffin cake mold to change this? Renjia silicone industry has the varied and colorful Muffin cake molds, unique design, novel style, baking fast, high efficiency. Best choice for the cafe and dessert shop. You can try!

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