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Choose Ren Jia Technology Company's silicone ice molds to make Ice glasses

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     The summer is so hot,and the  chilled drinks make you cool and quench your thirst. If you pursuit of perfection like virgo, it is convenient for you to use the silicone ice molds. If you use the mold to make the YH-BB, it is practical to entertain your friends and relatives.
     The Ren Jia Technology Company break the traditional mode to produce ice, and push out the concept of new ice cup. It is not only can improve the effect of cold, but also make you feel the sensory stimulation of cold.At the same time, you can experience the visual, taste of enjoyment.
     The new style of silicone ice mode us 100% imported silica gel as raw materials. Each process controlled strictly, so we can ensure the ice moulds environmental protection, health, safety and no damage when it is in your hand. Certainly, the silicone ice mold is very suitable for bars, parties and other occasions, and can be used repeatedly.
     The specific methods : Firstly,pour water into large ice molds after the mould frozen in the refrigerator. Secondly,to be completely removed after solidification. Then the shape of the ice you like will appeare in your front.You can use it to drink soda, fruit juice, red wine and so on.What's more, You can make ice glasses according to your favorite drinks. For example, you can pour the red wine into the ice ball made by the orange juice. Excited, after drinking, you can eat the glass either.

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