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Coffee table, dining table temperature insulation (silicone placemats) preferred RENJIA!

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RENJIA's qualified silicone mat is soft and non-slip, which can protect the desktop from burns. It's durable for 10 years and not easy to mold. People who initial contact with this
environmentally friendly and high temperature resistant material may not be very familiar,
So what is the use about the silicone mat? How to use it? In fact, its main function is to insulate and the use range is on our table.
As we all know that the tables are not solid wood in generally,
Most of them are made of glass or marble, and therefore it need careful protection.
we can be assured that put hot tea or meal on the table beacuse of the table place mats, and do not have to worry about the table burst. 
Silicone placemats  has unique shape,and diverse style!

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