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Silicone mold

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    Silicone mold are flexible, including silicone ice cube tray or silicone cupcake mold , can be used at very high and low temperatures, allowing use in the oven as well as in the freezer, without affecting the silicone mould. In our kitchen utensils manufacturing process, silicone is the preferred one material to manufacture mould-making and model-making moulds, because its high stability and considerable precision in reproduction.
The silicone mold also have a high chemical and mechanical, because abrasive components of some types of resin and molding pastes, silicone molds resistant to the tear and wear, not easy to be out of shape.
The silicone moulds also have an excellent anti-stick effect. The translucent silicone mould is 100% food grade, approved by FDA, LGFB, SGS , totally suitable for the field of baking, household kitchen cooking.
Silicone products being used in cooking and baking already have a history of about 30 years, they are also a revolutionary invention at that time. Silicone molds isn't a new thing being used in the baking and kitchen cooking, it is also experienced the test of time.

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