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Silicone Suction Lids and Food Covers

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     Silicone Suction Lids and Food Covers is made of polymers of silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, all natural ingredients. It has low chemical reactivity, repels water, and is resistant to ozone, oxygen, and UV light, PLUS it doesn't support microbiological growth, and has low toxicity. It is tasteless, odourless, non-toxic, non-leaching & non-corrosive. Consensus: Silicone is a great product for the kitchen and the environment - it's just plain smart!
  Flexible, Non-stick, Durable, Splatter-proof Silicone Suction Lids and Food Covers - Just press down on centre to provide an airtight, spill-proof seal ideal for storing and re-heating! Flame and Heat resistant to 464°F - FDA Approved Premium Food Grade Silicone, BPA Free. Re-usable silicone lids work great on pots and pans for simmering. Adds a fun and bright element to your cooking, serving and storage. Great for picnics and BBQ's - people can easily cover and uncover food, keeping in the freshness and keeping out the bugs! Super-easy to clean and store. Great for traveling and camping. So versatile! Liven up your kitchen with these FOUR fun-colored silicone lids - they make a great conversation piece that will have your friends and dinner guests talking!
 Say goodbye to Plastic Wrap, Aluminum Foil and Wax Paper - Silicone Suction Lids are all you need! Environmentally Friendly - Save on paper-towels - Use these lids for re-heating food in the microwave, no more covering with paper-towels. Easy Storage Space Savers - Roll, Stack or Hang. Odor, Mildew, Stain, and Fade Resistant - Won't Rust, Crack or Chip! Must be used on a level surface/rim/edge in order to seal properly - (no pour spouts/indents) It's time to RETIRE THE PLASTIC WRAP once and for all!

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