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RENJIA new launch children silicone placemat in March has some new design? Or innovation?

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      RENJIA new launch children silicone placemat  in March has some new design?  Or innovation?  
      RENJIA new push out children silicone eat mat in March has what  the new design? Compared with ordinary placemats, silicone eat mat is high stability, the thermal stability of silicone molecular bonds not break under high temperature,Don't break down. Silicone material eat mat  usually has not only high and low temperature resistance, can be used in a wide temperature range, and more importantly is the effect that the new style bring .
      In march, RENJIA which is a company has 17 years experience in make silicone mat.  now it's push out a few new silicone meal pad, mainly has erasable, can draw and also
environmental protection level of large silicon eat mat, have cute cartoon silicone table mat and the students foldable silicone table mat which is pig design.

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