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Silicone placemats of rectangular with pattern

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   Silicone placemats of rectangular with pattern
   RENJIA 2016 has increased the investment in silicone industry, and cooperate with European top household gift design company, increase the intensity of product development,leading silicone table mat design trend! Further advocate low carbon life, bring consumers more environmental protection, fashion, health, sweet silicone articles for daily use, low carbon life starts from me!
Also in 2016, RENJIA's key to make silicone table mat series products, the first to launch a rectangle pattern silicone eat mat, using 100% food grade silicone raw materials, product surface is designed with the plum blossom, mold processing using mirrors, Pattern printing is clear, have stereo feeling, non-slip, shock-proof function. 
Is popular with consumers. Especially suitable for senior hotel!

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