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The market prospect of the silica gel cup mat

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      The market prospect of the silica gel cup mat
Previously silicone mat is only applied to the industry such as floor MATS, bathroom MATS, eat mat, as consumer quality of life became higher, the silicone cup mat mat came into use, etc., 
Silica gel cup mat low carbon and environmental protection, heat resistance - 50 degrees - 230 degrees, use 100% food grade silica gel, soft, wear-resisting, 
prevent slippery, shock, easy to clean, effectively protect the household surface without getting burned and scratched,The product shape can be various, color and size can be 
customized products. Silica gel cup mat exports Europe and the United States and Japan more than 40 countries, silica gel cup mat sells at at Rainbow  business store, JingDong, Tianmao mall and so on.

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