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Square silicone ice trays in addition to the production of ice in the summer, you can also do what?

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    Square silicone ice trays in addition to the production of ice in the summer, you can also do what? Of course, to produce their own delicious snacks. In the end what snacks can be done? How to do it? RenJia techonology for you to share. Square ice lattice can do snacks are mini chocolate frozen cheese cake, simple sushi, vanilla flavored olive oil block, ice coffee, cookies lazy, broth flavored pieces, chocolate strawberry cake, etc., there may be more delicious snacks do it with a square silicone ice lattice, see below on the line.
Mini chocolate frozen cheese cake: vanilla yogurt + cream cheese + cheese, stir to make a pot of cold, but not into the usual mold 6-8 inch, but into the ice tray, and pour melted chocolate, frozen later became one mini chocolate cheese block, summer can always come to entertain guests.
Easy Sushi: sushi too cumbersome and difficult to control? Kimbap more trouble? Square ice lattice are lifesavers! Directly to the rice and fillings into ice trays stereotypes can be.
Vanilla flavored olive oil blocks: the herb, rosemary, thyme and other commonly used spices in the usual mixed with the olive oil, frozen into the ice lattice little pieces. The next time you cook, take a "seasoned block" out into the pot will be able to use it!
Coffee Ice: iced coffee you want, but do not want to affect the taste of coffee and ice concentration, then poured coffee into ice trays, made coffee ice bar!
Lazy Cookies: When you make cookies, down more material (cookies for too long will affect the taste, so one can not bake too) was dispensed into an ice-cold cell, next time do cookies, take a few block out slight thaw, you can directly bake molding it!

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