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Whisky silica puck is now a very popular food grade ice making molds

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    Easy to heat stroke in summer too hot, sit down and rest, when to drink a cup of ice bar. If you drink enough ice, sure enough refreshing, then whether square ice tired? Silicone ice hockey homemade whiskey added some lines, smooth spherical ice cube to make your summer a little more fun.
Whisky silica puck is now a very popular food grade ice making molds, made of food grade silicone environmental protection, environmental health cold temperature, more durable and practical, non-BPA, rigorous testing by the US FDA. Spherical shape ice mold cute, you can open the lid, wall patterned after hockey puck beautiful molding confer cool texture. Soft, makes it easier to remove ice from the mold, non-toxic and non-cracking, long service life.
   The puck into the cup pour drink beer, really enjoyed. Color: black, white, blue (normal) color can be customized. Heat: minus -30 degrees to +230 degrees. Silicone puck for a variety of whiskey for bars, hotels, restaurants, casinos use ice cubes, but also for home use ice needs, but can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional gifts available.
Creative silicone ice ball whiskey makes fun of everyday life greatly increased, not only can help you solve a lot of trivia, it is important to give your life an infinite delight and happiness, but also make life more comfortable!

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