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Life in the home, insulation pads almost every household is standard on the table.

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     Life in the home, insulation pads almost every household is standard on the table. Many people get a pot of hot soup or hot food when they think of the thermally insulating mat placed utensils, one can protect a table burns, and second, you can decorate the table, to make it look more in line with our habits but many people still scanty material and insulation pads. So what are the table heat pad? Want to know compared to other insulation pads, silicone insulation pad What advantage?
In our lives, insulation pads than imagined important role. If you boil a pot of color, flavor and taste of the soup, but found no place insulation pad soup pot, what shall we do? Use insulation pads protect the table, good insulation pads can even decorate our table. Following together under common heat pad material it:
1. cotton insulation pads
Cotton insulation pads is to use cotton or cotton placemat made of highly absorbent, soft, easy to clear, which can effectively control the heat tableware, if cotton insulation pads and on the level of cutlery with use, adds luster to the table.
2. bamboo mat insulation
Bamboo heat pad changing shape, because bamboo is original and therefore has the nature of the atmosphere, it is a variety of insulation insulation pads in the best, can effectively prevent thermal damage to the items table.
3. Hemp insulation pads
Hemp insulation pads are made with hemp material placemat, insulation good, very solid, while also linen pest moth, so long life, use of time is generally very long, and durable.
4. The paper insulation pads
Paper insulation pads using the latest environmentally friendly materials processing, including environmentally friendly PP placemat, EVA placemat more popular in modern times, better insulation, and light green, changing styles, but can not be washed, not as others heat pad durable material.
5. silicone insulation pad
Silicone pad insulation texture, 100% silicone material, thermal insulation, and will not fade, environmental health and safety easy to clean, high temperatures of up to 230 degrees, silicone insulation pad can be better fixed items effectively to prevent movement of the articles fall. The material is soft, Twisted stretch without deformation.
Compared to conventional anti-skid pads, silicone insulation pad high thermal stability, high temperature silicone molecules bond is not broken, do not break down. Silicone mat not only temperature but also low temperature, can be used over a wide temperature range.
For our table sake of life and beauty, we must use filters to remove insulation pad to heat food to the table, "burn" the. In life, we can according to the material of the table to select different materials insulation pads, and no matter what the table, we generally recommend the selection of more environmentally friendly silicone insulation pads, insulation performance is great.

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