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Children's Puzzle 26 English letters ice trays Use

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     With the children to experience the fun of DIY small. Simply put drinks into the refrigerator does not reflect our love for children, and children together to manufacture a variety of fun and interesting DIY ice to completely crush annoying hot, but also let the children spend with their parents to accompany a child section. Long ago home ice lattice is plastic, it is very inconvenient to use, is not safe. Today we recommend a Renjia Industrial ice trays letter:Name: Children Puzzle 26 English letters ice traysMaterial: food grade silicone, free of BPA, the FDA through rigorous testing.Specifications: 16 * 16 * 1.8cmWeight: 150gColor: color random delivery according to the actual stock, for the specified color, please contact customer service management to the right!Heat: minus -30 degrees to +230 degrees.Uses: suitable for bars, hotels, restaurants ice cubes to use. More suitable for home use ice as needed.Packing: OPP or PE self-sealing plastic bag.Letter ice lattice functions and features:- Fashionable, variety, to meet the individual needs of different groups of people;- It can be used in an oven, refrigerator and microwave oven;- This product by the US FDA certified food grade, heat-resistant temperature of -40 ℃ to + 250 ℃, can be used repeatedly, innovative design, changing styles.- Children's Puzzle 26 English letters ice trays Use: cakes, bread, mousse, jelly, ice cream, prepared foods, etc. can be used.
     Prev:The new style of silicone ice mould us 100% imported silica ice ball,silicone ice tray as raw materials. 

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