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Renjia technology company latest non-stick silicone bakeware bake pads

Publish Date: 2016-02-18 11:46 Click:
Renjia technology company latest non-stick silicone bakeware bake pads, silicone baking mat,silicone material is constructed from a combination of glass fiber. The main purpose of this is to enhance the production of silicone bake gasket insulation effect, but also enhances the anti-slip effect, allowing you to make cakes, serve later when more ease, convenience. Square design, increasing the size, and everything just to make your next cake, bread, etc. ready.
Roasted spacer is British family kitchen supplies essential part, compared with ordinary grilled mat, it can be described as non-stick silicone gasket roast fashion trends, unique shape. Non-stick silicone gasket roasted stylish and elegant, is already home to many British kitchen Placemats choice. Compared with ordinary placemats, nonstick silicone gasket broke the limitations of roasted row, as the high-end dining table and a kitchen bake pads, sticky pads silicone bake more suitable for use in outdoor barbecue, and when making pastries. Today, the newest non-stick silicone bakeware bake pads exports to the United Kingdom, also produced a great deal of convenience for lovers of British sweets.

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