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Baking silicone fiber glass mat

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Baking silicone fiber glass mat genereally are made of food grade silicone, which is bpa free and food safe. Commonly, there are a variety of different colors and shapes and styles for the mats, which are used in the roasting process. 


 Volume of baking silicone  mat is small. What's more, it is light, high temperature resistant, non-slip, which is very convenient and practical tool in kitchen baking.


baking silicone fiber glass matbaking silicone fiber glass mat


 What are the main functions of baking silicone fiber glass mats?

  Non-slip and non-stick. When rolling or knead the dough to use silicone  mats, it can physically prevent slippery and anti-sticking. Using as less dry powder as possible, to keep the dough more moisture.

 Secondly, it is used as calibration gauge. A lot of baking silicone fiber glass mats have calibration, which made it can be operated in the pad. It is convenient to roll out as much as possible you need the size and size of the face, especially the pizza. Using size circle to help plastic has very good effect.

 Then, it could be baked in the oven. It is non-stick, easy demoulding. When making marcaron, silicone fiber glass mat can dry marcaron, and together into the oven high temperature baking, not only convenient, also can use repeatedly, save resources.

Above all, the baking silicone fiber glass mat is a very practical and durable tool in the baking of the kitchen.

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