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Renjia silicone safe guard

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With the growing socio-economic development, people's living tastes level is also rising, as long as the feed and clothe old age is the biggest meet, and the pursuit of more modern people enjoy a substance on various automation electrical equipment have emerged, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, etc. In ovens, for example, in the West, ovens use much earlier, people can according to their preferences of different foods bake different flavors, rich and mellow. While most ovens use of the material relative requirements are relatively high, for food safety and environmental protection are also very strict. Ovens have a strong high temperature performance, and in the design of the oven when Edge also choose high temperature resistant silicone seal material, it is necessary to ensure that it does not deform under high strength and temperature, but also to ensure that it can not under strong temperature produce toxic substances, then the choice of high-quality ovens seal also ensure that people preferred the quality of life at home. Of course, the refrigerator seal, microwave seal well. Our company is specialized in the production of ovens seal, seal refrigerator, air conditioning and other seal silicone seal manufacturers, the products are non-toxic, tasteless, high and low temperature (-60 to +260), sealed waterproof, wear-resistant pressure, anti-aging characteristics. Product quality assurance, through a series of food safety inspection (SGS / ROHS / FDA / LFGB / UL), the price is relatively affordable, as long as you spend a cheap cost, you can enjoy a high quality of life.
To learn more about silicone seal and silicone safe guard, performance and function ovens seal can contact me by our professional technical staff, customer service consultant to answer your questions. Xpress US Silica Co., Ltd. to provide high-quality low-carbon green silicone products as their responsibility to create a healthy and comfortable environment of high silica life for the purpose, we are today and the future depends on your support and concern all the way!

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